December 24, 2007

Dear friend,

Greetings from Osaka, Japan.  There are many beautiful decoration for Christmas around the town. Christmas is my time to love it most. A lot of good memories are left when they celebrate Christmas with a family and a friend. With the memory, I think that we grow up. It is Christmas that it spent with people at an American church in my best thought. I can remember a thing at that time clearly now. It is really happy that I can still have the warm friendship of you.

In this year I spend a hard time, because I had surgery two times in September. One day of the two years ago the boy’s bicycle was got on hit me when I rode a bicycle and went for shopping. I fell down in the place and strongly tapped the right shoulder. Thereafter the power that the right hand did not go up on the top became in condition not to enter then. A right shoulder keyboard tore. I had an operation for the restoration.  The operation was over safely in several hours, but thereafter, for 50 days, it was fixed in big harness I was right, and to keep the angle of the right shoulder, and it has been confined the freedom of the right hand Because the life was in a condition not to be it alone, I have I ask for a care helper.  Still. Thanks to you, I am returning to original life a little. Through this hospitalization, an operation and rehabilitation, I thank for a grace of God being given above all.

A family of my son Johnny came back to Osaka for a transfer from Tokyo in August. They come to live near a house of daughter Mary, and I am pleased very much. All the families of Mary and Johnny are in good health, too. The eldest daughter of the fifth grader of Mary participates in the training of the home-stay in Australia for two weeks in July.

My flower design classroom continued giving lessons in the once every month. I thank for God continuing this lesson to me.

I go to the church named J-house on Sunday. Because babies increased in a church, I do care of babies in a mother room. I performed candlelight service this year on No. 8 Christmas of activity ACCA which George left. People more than about 80 gathered and did celebration of Christmas. I cooked two turkeys this year and offered it.

I experienced various things in 2007, but thank for God His grace. I wish that I want to spend it significantly while 2008 a year new age is led to God.

I pray for the blessing of God is richly in you all.

Aiko Nakajima